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Ban mobile phone masts next to schools to stop exposing children to harmful radiation, says expert. By Hamish Macdonell Updated: 20:58 EST, 20 February 2012

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What is radiation therapy? Find out what the side effects are, what it is used for and how effective it can be here.

Surgery and radiation therapy are two of the most common treatments available to breast cancer patients today. Although both are highly effective and are often delivered in combination, they do come with side effects that you and.

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Find a detailed explanation of the education and certification needed to become a radiation therapist.

You will find information you need on X Ray Technician Schools here. Our list of X Ray Technician Schools can help you look through the best available options.

Find out about online schools and colleges in California. Our search tool allows you to find the right CA online schools and colleges.

My dream of living a life free of breast cancer seemed possible when my radiation therapy at the University of Miami Sylvester. I had read some of their blogs online. Takita said a high level of suspicion was to be expected. Cancer.

and survivorship programs, has three linear accelerators — the machine used for radiation therapy. Mercy Medical’s “Hall Radiation Center, which has served this community since 1956, has sufficient capacity to meet the needs in the.

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Former radiation therapist Cindy McLoughlin and her husband. News-Sentinel (and are not subscribed as a.

Radiation therapy — Overview covers why it’s done, risks and what you can expect during this common cancer treatment.

Doctors say the two most common problems with radiation therapy are when organs shift and errors in patient set-up. The machine and even the bed can rotate helping treat patients from all different angles and eliminating those.

Doctors & experienced health experts are available day or night to offer physical and mental medical advice. Any questions or concerns you may have about your well.

In a boost to cancer care in the city, the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (GH) will soon commission a Linear Accelerator for precise radiation therapy and set up a 15-bed special Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for cancer. The Union.

Our Physical Therapist Assistant program prepares individuals, under the supervision of a physical therapist, to implement physical therapy treatment care plans.

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Access online resources about cancer. Find a list of links to websites that provide credible, evidence-based information.

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Dr. Fang also stresses that heart health must be considered when looking at treatment options. Proton beam therapy is a method that minimizes radiation exposure in women with locally advanced stage lll breast cancer and is especially.

If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, this free online seminar will explain radiation therapy and discuss the importance of a multispecialty approach to treatment and sub-specialized expertise in a.

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Americans today receive far more medical radiation than ever before. The average lifetime dose of diagnostic radiation has increased sevenfold since 1980, and more than half of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy. Without a.

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Radiation therapy for breast cancer — Overview covers why it’s done, what to expect and side effects of breast cancer radiation, including proton therapy.

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Attend radiology school. Become a radiologic tech. Radiology Schools 411 is a comprehensive resource for prospective students looking to research schools, degrees.

Radiology schools can be hard to complete but look here for the information you need about radiology schools, radiology jobs and other medical imaging topics.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, radiation therapy to the whole brain did not improve survival, and it harmed memory, speech and thinking skills, doctors found. "This is the classic question: Which is worse, the disease or the treatment?".

He is also president of the Chinese Society for Radiation Oncology. According to him, among all commonly seen cancer types, about 40 percent could be cured by radiotherapy while 70 percent should be treated with a "cocktail" therapy,

Shannen Doherty has begun radiation therapy. On Monday, the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" actress shared a photo of herself online and updated her followers about her treatment, ABC reported. The treatment, she wrote, was.

It would be very unusual for chemotherapy to be used as a primary therapy for early stage prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed form of the disease.

Radiation therapy is a highly skilled, growing career. Learn about accredited radiation therapy schools to join this lucrative profession on the rise.

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DAPHNE, Alabama — After 3 weeks of radiation therapy using GPS technology, prostate cancer patient James Dukes said he hasn’t suffered the typical side effects. The Baptist minister, 64, was diagnosed with prostate cancer about a.

It’s called Prone Breast Board radiation therapy and according to the release it’s unique in that patients lay on their stomachs with their breasts suspended, isolating the breasts and significantly decreasing the radiation exposure to.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Legislation that prohibits health insurers from holding proton radiation cancer therapy to a higher standard of clinical effectiveness than other radiation therapies was overwhelmingly approved Wednesday by.

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